Discussion of Findings

Based on the results, we find out that most SST students are actually far better than the outside world where more people actually loses their life due to using their smartphone. If you were to compare our graphs to the outside world, we are really way better than the rest and thus most of us are not at risks of getting addicted. The fact that most of the students do not check their phones every 5-10 mins shows that they are most likely not suffering from FOMO. Of course, we cannot say that all SST students are not addicted and having FOMO as only a handful answered our survey but this is a good start as what i said earlier, most of them are not showing signs of addictions. Another conclusion is that SST students are not at the risk of involving with accidents due to smartphones problem. Like from our results, most SST students will not face the problem of picking their phones out of the toilet bowl (yucks) when they are in the toilet as they simply do not bring their smartphones into the toilet! Simple yet efficient solutions to all the problem or risks they might face in the toilet. Also, many cases out there in the world concerns the use of Phones at inappropriate time thus resulting in injuries or even fatalities. But lucky for us, our phones do not distract us and thus we can safely avoid all these unnecessary accidents. This of course does not mean that you can simply relax when you cross the road the next time. Keep up the good work or even do a better job and this can ensure you a safe journey across. 
Summing up for this paragraph:  39 people on the average drop their phones into to toilet bowl, better think twice about bringing your phones to the toilets and that many people were killed because of a non-living thing also known as phones so you better think twice before letting your phone distract you and getting into a whole lot of mess you don't want to be in! 

Moving on, I can say that most relationship with parents will not worsen as most of us students do not year for a better smartphone. This will mean that they will not argue with their parents over this matter and thus not spoiling the relationship between them. (YAY :D) Stronger bond between families is a good sign that you are far away from being addicted but I emphasis that not to take thing for granted as anything that can go wrong will go wrong XD . So, maintain a good relationship with your family can you can safely say you passed the first test :D

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