Individual Reflections.


I personally think that we are doing a good job in our IRS and that we are up to date. We have good communication and that we get things done easily and quickly and not to mention, efficiently. The blog might look messy but it contains all the informations needed. I gave each of us a part to do in the report and it is clearly seen if anyone decides not to do it and thus we will reprimand the person if he continues his behaviour. This method have been proved effective and thus we got all our work done.


I think that we are doing a good job in our IRS subject because we complete all the tasks given to us before the dateline. Our good leadership and communication enable us to finish our jobs quickly and also with good quality. I think our blog contains many good and reliable information although our blog is a little messy. I have learnt many skills from this task. For example, presentation skills , communication and movie making techniques. I hope that there will be more of this subjects .

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