What did we do to find out if SST students are addicted to their smartphones and thus having FOMO?

  1. We generated a 70  questions related to the topic for people to answer.
  2. From the 70 questions, we went through each and every one of them to see if it is suitable for asking.
  3. We eliminated those unfit for asking and in the end ended up with only 10 questions.
  4. We made a form with all those questions and sent it to the school.

Our research subjects are students in SST from all levels. We sent out surveys to all students. Our sample size consists of secondary 1 students, with 51 respondents. We know that the only questions like “ Are you addicted to your smartphones” is very personal thus we can’t believe if the students just reply bluntly with a “YES” or “NO”. Thus, we generated this few questions to actually get our results. (EG: if people answer yes to all our questions, they are addicted but they do not know about it). Although, in every survey, there will be a small chance that people might fake their answers but it all boils down to their integrity and that we have to learn to trust each other.

So why survey?The survey method is a quick and efficient way of collating data. As most people nowadays are in a rush and do not wish to spend time writing down their answers. Some peolple are so busy they do not even want to type out their answers. By sending out surveys, all that is needed is a few "clicks" and the data we need will be collected. Of coursE, this only apply to MCQ  questions and fortunately for them, all our questions are MCQ. Other method like interviewing are not so good as some people may be camera-shy. Some of the questions we asked might be considered very personal to them thus they might not answer or give fake answers to them. By using surveys,  they are able to speak their true thoughts and feelings without facing us directly. Thus, the survey method was the most suitable and appropriate method to use.

Below is our 70 questions.

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